4. huhtikuuta 2012

Finally success! 4.4.2012

Today i decided to go to Viikki where Great Grey Owl has been many days.
If you had read my blog before, you can see that i didn´t make it last time.
I promised to Sarina that i pick up her at work and give her a ride to Pasila train station. I did my duty and after that i started to drive toward Viikki.
I parked my car and quickly checked feeding place near parking lot. After few Black Birds and Blue Tits i continued my walking to the place where bird was seen earlier today. I met few birders and they gave me info that bird is sitting on the lowest tree branch very near by.
I reach the place soon and i saw the Owl sitting.
I went little bit closer and start to take photos.

Nice face.

Super bird!

Face again.

So finally SUCCESS! This was lifer for me so i was very happy!
After i enjoy this moment with Owl about 10minutes and gave it to sleep on.
I was little bit worried also. Bird let out a really close, just checked me and then turned it´s head..
Hope it can prey on and everything is okay in other ways. Many Owls died when they migrate to the south.



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