26. huhtikuuta 2012

Ringing Station and Eilat, 19.4

We arrived to the Ringing Station at 6:30. Firs bird what we saw in hand was super nice Little Bittern, so morning started very nicely. I went to the nets with Roni and watched when he released birds from nets.
When we came back others was already working with birds.
It was nice time with ringers and Roni showed me a so called "one hour snake". Actually i think it´s some kind of Viper? We saw also flock of 70 White-winged Terns from stations yard.

Little Bittern. 

Fear of all ringers in Eilat.

I must thank Roni and Yotam to let us visit there, morning was great fun. Here is some photos of birds.

Masked Shrike is nice looking bird.

Woodchat Shrike looks like more vicious.

Great Reed Warbler.

After station we visited to northern palm forest. It was super place to Flycatchers and we saw 3 species of those. Collared was new Israeli tick for me and Jände, Semicollared was commonest and we saw at least one Pied male.
After palm trees we were driving to km19 pool when somebody saw Blue-cheeked Bee-eater sitting on cable. Super bird! We saw only common birds in km19 pool, maybe best was Pintail witch was new specie for our trip list.
We checked km20 pools again and there was no surprises...
Earlier Roni told us that some guys had Cinereous Bunting in IMAX park, witch is in city center.
We drove there and start to look at it. There was huge numbers of Ortolan Buntings, Red-Throated Pipits and Yellow Wagtails. After an hour we leave and Jände told that he had seen two Wood Warblers when we were checking the Bunting! Nice catch.

Red-Throated Pipit

After IMAX park, we decided to check Ofira Park very near of our hotel. Just after 5min i found Cinereous Bunting eating with Ortolans! I called Jände and Esko but bird wasn´t there anymore... Luckily i got few pick and we all saw real Cinereous Bunting on my camera display. We went to our hotel room, checked again and it was still Cinereous when we watched on my laptop. Jände wanted to see that bird and we all went back to the park. Luck was still on our side and we found the Bunting after 20min!!
Great bird and nice Lifer for me!

Middle one is Cinereous! Bad photo..

 After Esko got some good photos of this bird, we identified it as an Semenowi race bird. Mybe the same bird witch was there a month ago.
We took a little sea-watch after this but nothing great there. After eating we went to sleep.


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