29. huhtikuuta 2012

Raptor watch and Ovda, 21.4.2012

This morning we started at the Eilat mountains raptor watch. Migration was slow as hell and after an hour we decided to go Ovda area. First place was old famous Lark place where was hundreds of birds past years. I put my telescope on and start to check area. First bird was Thick-billed Lark! Nice male was eating something and soon there was two birds. Behind the larks i noticed two Trumpeter Finches. Nice species but place was otherwise dead... We walked quite large area and actually only other land bird was Scrub warbler..
We walked back to the car and then we heard some Sandgrouse voice. Little bit after that we saw flock of Spotted Sandgrouses flying around. It´s all ways nice to see these birds. When we were checking these birds, Esko walked little bit farther and saw 4 Bar-tailed Larks! Nice bonus for our trip list.
After this we drove about 1,5km back to crossroads where is tiny "forest" near the road. There was many Sand Partridges, Blackstarts and different Warblers..


Sand Partridge, Female.

After this place we visited Sizzafon eco-coffeehouse. I took famous chocolate cake and coffee was also super good. Blue throat was in coffeehouses garden so one more tick for this day.
Quick brake and then we continued to Sizzafon sewage. There was also many Ortolan Buntings and some shorebirds. Black-winged Stilts were noisy and Wood Sandpipers was very common. This was the place where we found Black-Bush Robin two years a go with Jände. This time nothing special around..

Nice Ortolan Bunting. 

Then we continued again and next stop was kibbutz Lotan. We went to check little pools and when we were walking we saw flock of 7 Blue-cheeked Bee-Eaters! Superb birds. This time i got some pics.
Other birds were Water Pipit, tens of Yellow Wagtaills, Green Sandpipers and other boring species..

Blue-cheeked Bee-Eater flying. 

After Lotan, we drove to North Beach. Many Terns were sitting on buoys and Levant Sparrowhawks had some movement. Highlight for this evening was adult pale morph Pomarine Skua! Long time i had to wait this lifer and finally a had to travel here to see it.. I must be first Finnish birder who had Pomarine Skua lifer in Israel.
After sea-watch we ate again in Gulf.
Nice day with many different species.


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