14. huhtikuuta 2012

Mt. Hermon and other stuff. 14.4.2012

We started today at Mt. Hermon. Before that we had about hour drive and we checked few places along the way.
First longer stop was in Neve Ativ. As soon as we got out off the car, we noticed at least 4 Syrian Woodpeckers! I had few photos and it´s really different looking than Great-Spotted Woodpecker.
First we all walked around the area together. Actually hole place was first little disappointment..
We saw something like 15 Rose-Ringed Parakeets, Samamisicus Redstart, few Sardinian Warblers and so on..
After we get back to our car, everybody walked their own directions. I started from Redstart place and i saw the bird again. When i was watching it, i noticed other, much bigger bird near of it. First i was like "what the F**k is that" but then i realized, White-Throated Irania!!!! Lifer for me of course.. Sadly it was female so not that bright and good looking... Something like 12seconds after i found the bird, some guy with he´s stupid dog came and flushed the bird... I called to Jände and he and Esko came to look fot it. It not longer showed up...
Soon after this cool bird we continued our drive.

Syrian Woodpecker.

Red-rumped Swallows sitting.

Noisy stupid green bird.

Quite quick we arrived to the mountain and after payments we were sitting in a skiing lift. Landscapes were super looking and it was little bit scary to sit high in the lift.
We saw first Rock Buntings from the lifts and after 10minutes we were at the top.
Our main target this time was Crimson-winged Finch. We started to walk downhill and there was still lots of snow left. As you can ques, there was very few birds... We were, however, at an altitude of 2224m.
This number was in Hadoram Shirihais book.
First birds on slopes was super looking Semirufus Black Redstarts. Male bird if so exotic. I didn´t bring my camera there because i had my telescope so no bird photos this time. after 30min, we found more Mountain Buntings and Black Redstarts. I was thinking that we´re not going to see those Finches... This time i was wrong, luckily. Soon Jände or Esko found flock of 4 birds flying. Birds went to the bushes and we didn´t saw those anymore... Fortunately on the place were flock was, there was one bird left! And it really was Crimson-winged Finch! Second lifer for me today! Walking was really worth the effort!

Walking in snow.

After we get back to the car, we tried to find Sombre Tit, but we had no succeed.
Mt. Hermon took mostly of our day so we just drove around the places in little area.
Best sightings were something like Turtle Dove, Great-Spotted Eagle, Purple Heron, Great Cormorant and many Bee eaters.
Here is some photos from later day.


Woodchat Shrike. Phone scouped!! 

White Storks we common.

So, two lifers, lots of birds and great fun with the guys. Tomorrow we are going to Hula, so there is possibility to get some new species.
Out total species count is no 100. it´s crappy number....
Oh, almost forgot.. I write every day one problem of our rental car. Here it goes.

1. It´s Fiat.



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