15. huhtikuuta 2012

Birding in Hula Valley. 15.4.2012

We started little bit later than yesterday, but still very early we arrived to Hula Lake.
First birds were Great Reed Warbler, Chifchaf, Clamorous Reed Warbler. There were also many Nutrias feeding along the road and in the water. After little walking, we get to the first observation tower. There were many Reed Warblers, and our interest focused at one bigger bird. It had some Basra Reed Warbler! Esko got some photos but because RAW-photos, we couldn´t watch those... So we post some photos later.
We continued walking and when i was walking on a bridge, i scared some pale ducks in to the flight. After some cursing i saw ducks again in same spot and i really like what i saw! Marbled Teals!! Flock of 3 Marbleds were swimming and i got some phone scoupped photos of those.

Marbled Teals! 

After those magnificent ducks we walked to the bigger lake and there was 4 more! So 7 birds total.
Then we decided to get back where the weird reed-warbler was. This time there was Little Bittern! Again i use my magnificent cell phone and here is some pick. We leave Hula after this.

Little Bittern hiding.

Bee Eaters and Dove.

Next place where we visited was Pizza place near Hula, i tell you guys, this was good stuff!
After huge pizza we went to the Gamla reserve. Just after i slammed car door we saw two Egyptian Vultures hoovering above us and soon there was also two Short-toed Snake Eagles.
We walked to Vulture watching point and there was some birds in the air. At least 3 Griffon Vultures, 3 Egyptian Vultures, 5 Short-toed Snake Eagles. Esko got some good photos and i of course got some bad photos. Later 2 Bonelli´s Eagles landed on the cliff quite far away. Here is some pics from Gamla..

Bonelli´s Eagle far away.

Shot-toad Snake Eagle far away.

Here is one little bit closer.

After we left Gamla, we checked some areas near by. There was so hot some times that i thought i will lose my mind. Let´s see how i can handle Eilat... :)
As you can see, im now professional Phone Scoupper. If you want some tips just call my almost free number 0600 123 123. 93Euros / Min + Taxes. Jep jep.. Funny.
Oh, there comes to days car problem:

2. Air-condition SUCKS! Today was +31c what will happen when we arrived to Eilat!?!?



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