4. kesäkuuta 2012

Just normal, 4.6.2012

Today i had time visit Maari birding-tower again. 
I´ve never been an early riser.. Mornings are killing most of the time. Today i woke up like 10am..
It´s not best time to watch birds but at least it´s something. When i arrived in the area, i parked my car first and then started to walk to the tower. I had walked just few minutes when i heard familiar voice. Penduline Tit! what a nice start!
I knew that there has been some birds in the area but it was still nice.  
There was also other birders in the tower but mostly they were old farts with telescopes. Only guy i know there was Jani Ceder and it was nice to see again. 
For a long time Osprey has been avoiding me but now i got some almost good photos of it.

Osprey with Bream. 

I was in tower something like hour and a half, there was normal common birds but some are worth mentioning.
Spotted Redshank, Little Gull, 3 male Garganeys, few Sparrowhawks, Hobby, 12 Common Cranes and some other common stuff... 
Common stuff like Wigeon males. 

After Maari tower i went to Seurasaari after a long time. 
I had no expectations because it´s summer but there is always possibility to see some late migrants.
It was nice to see that Great Tits and Blue Tits had cub in the bushes and young people was quite curious too. One Blue Tit youngster sat on my hand! I carefully put it back in the bush after i gave it one seed from the ground. 
Best observation was Greenish Warbler witch was singing SE-side of the island. I saw it few times but no chance to get photos... My second from the island. 
Here is photos of some common birds:

This Oystercatcher had something in the bill. 

Great Spotted Woodpecker is breeding in the island.

This Robin was singing all the time and some times little weird sound.

Tufted Duck couple.

Barnacle Goose is garbage  these days. Nice looking anyway.

I just counted my year-ticks and now i finally have 200! Finland top is something like 260 so i do not compete with them..

Nice day with nice birds. More stuff hopefully soon. 



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