12. kesäkuuta 2012

Summer and youngsters, 12.6.2012

The summer is here and breeding season is over soon. Many common and boring species have their young already and it´s nice to watch those little guys and their mothers taking care of them.
I was today at Finnå water treatment plant and that is good place to watch waterbirds.
When i arrived at 07:00, first birds what i saw after Black headed Gulls was this nice looking female Common Pochard with 7 young.

One of the youngsters with the mother Common Pochard.

I walked my normal route and here is some numbers of waterbirds and some other species.

Gadwall: 13 adults and 34 yougsters. ( Biggest number what i have ever seen)
Common Pochard: 36
Shoveler: 15 (9males and 6females)
Tufted Duck: 45 (43males and 2females)
Pintail 1male.
Slavonian Grebe: 7 (6Adults and one young)
Common Rosefinch 7 (6males and one female)
Thrush Nightingale 4
Common Redstart: 3
and so on... Golden Eye was most numerous waterbird, maybe over a hundred birds and most of the birds were youngsters.

Nice looking Pintail male.

Gadwall, Shoveler and Mallard males.

Gadwall family, female with little boys and girls.

Golden Eye playschool. 

One of my favourites, Slavonian Grebe family, notice the chick !

After Finnå i went to the Maari bird watching-tower. Only normal birds there including Spotted Redshanks, Wood Sandpipers, Green Sandpipers, Little Gull and so on. Here is a photo of Sedge Warbler from there.

Sedge Warbler sang like a madman. 

Nice day, especially in Finnå. It does not take long at all when firs autumn migrants are here.
Hope i have something to tell soon. And by the way, i quit smoking after many years of smoking and im feeling more healthy every day. After a week no problems so hope it stays like that.



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