18. kesäkuuta 2012

Iceland Gull twitch.. 17.6.2012

Hannu Koskinen found Finland´s 27th Iceland Gull few days a go at Koukkujärvi dump. I was working when the bird was found but i thought that at weekend i must have time to see this lifer.
Same time there was Glaucous Gull and Caspian Gull at the dump!
Friday we make plans with my uncle Jände and we agreed to get us there on Sunday. I called also to Roni but he had class reunion at Saturday so he couldn´t join us at Sunday morning.
We start from Helsinki at 11am and distance to destination was about 200km. First bad signs was starting rain.. But after 100km rain stopped and we started to be more hopeful. We arrived about at 1pm there and then the reality slapped us on the face... Dump was f****ng closed!!

SU - SULJETTU means Saturday, closed...

We continued little bit and soon two guys were standing side of the road with telescopes and there was nice open area where you can see the dump.
I parked our car and we also started to look the pile.
There was many Herring Gulls, Black-headed Gulls, Common Gulls and few Lesser and Greater black-backed Gulls but no these interesting birds... Some times little rain shower tried to wet..
There was one interesting bird witch had some Caspian Gull features but those are over my level...
After an hour the rain started again but harder and we had to quit... So no lifers.
We went to eat something but the weather stayed wet..



There was few major points witch take us down.

1) We should know that the dump is closed at Sundays.
2) Either did not look the weather forecast, at least not good enough...
3) Birds were gone...

Maybe next time if i have energy to go there again.. I must thank Jände for company and we always keep our minds positive. Next time we might laugh for this.
And at the end, i want to try put some video from one club gig where i was at Saturday.
Here is mr. Calvin Harris. It was fun but no magnificent. 



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