7. kesäkuuta 2012

Shorebirds at Maari Bird-watching tower. 7.6.2012

Yesterday some guy saw Marsh Sandpiper at Maari birding-tower.
There was no updates of bird and i thought that bird must be gone. I arrived about at 1pm and there was two birders in the tower. I said hi to both of them but no one said anything and silence lasted half an hour when other dude left. Same time i found good looking bird from the meadow and i mentioned that for the guy who was standing there like a rock.
He saw also the bird and together we thought that it was Marsh Sandpiper! I put update in Finish alarm-system  and same time this dude left from the tower.
This was actually nice situation.
Reed Bunting male was singing quite close.

Common Snipe sat in the tree.

 I start to check again and again the meadow and after 30min i saw Sandpiper again. I followed it with my telescope and then somewhere came up a second bird! I put update again in the system and same time Tuula Granroth came to the tower.
She didn´t know about the second Marsh Sandpiper so it was nice surprise for her.
Few twitchers came to the tower, including my old friend Leo Wallinmaa. Later also Roni Väisänen came and we had again some plans. Hopefully those can be carried out.
It was a nice situation when you have these nice birds and few other nice species like Red-necked Phalarope and Spotted Redshank and of course good company most of the time. I think that must be best part of this hobby.

Marsh Sandpiper and Redshank.

Marsh Sandpiper alone.

Redshan, Spotted Redshank and Marsh Sandpiper.

Red-necked Phalarope.

This was one of my beset 2hours in the tower ever. Hope next time some little bit "rarer" came up.
This little guy was quite near my car.

Hi there!! Great Spotted Woodpecker.

More stuff coming soon i hope. Good summer for all of you.



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