9. kesäkuuta 2013

Lazy birding and one twitch 6.6-8.6.2013

Yeah, like i wrote in the topic, i have been lazy as any person can be..

Earlier i went to Seurasaari with Sarina and there was super quiet.. One Great-spotted Woodpecker, one Black Woodpecker and that was mainly all birds.. Normal Canada Geese, Barnacle Geese, Oystercatchers, Mallards and other common birds were present of course.

Canada Goose and cubs.

This Mallard is handsome gentleman. 


One Black-headed Gull had rings. 

Yesterday i had weird feeling that i had to twitch something. I checked our systems and there was sighting of Common Quail day before yesterday in Kirkkonummi. I decide to go there and after 1,5 hour waiting bird gave me one short series of calls.. Not really worth of waiting that long. After i call these first calls i decided to wait if the bird continues later, but it did not... At least i had nice view and lots of warm sun.


Next week i must be at work most of the time, but i try to make some quick visits to somewhere..
My year ticks in Finland are now 230 and it is same number what i got last year, so new record here i come! Only 12 behind.


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