1. kesäkuuta 2013

Late spring birding. 31.5-1.6.2013

Not much birding lately. I had some raptor watch in Maari bird tower both days but that was almost all..
Yesterday i had about 2 hour watch and best bird was Red Knot, year-tick for me. Few Hobbys, some Spotted Redshanks already making their Autumn migration, Canada Geese with six cubs and that was mostly all.

Hobby in flight. 

Today i went to the tower at half 11. Already much people there with some familiar faces. Not much birds today ether.. Some Red Crossbill migration (50 birds), quick appearance by Black-tailed Godwit far away and at least eleven Spotted Reshanks today.
Bird watching turned to chatting and when more known guys came to tower, more chatting!
At some point Jani noticed alarm of Lesser-spotted Eagle flying East from Ämmässuo dump and we were almost on its rote. Lots of speculation about the birds route and finally after 47 minutes Petteri found the bird quite close. I had some huge troubles to find the bird and it was further when i finally found it! Nice, quite small eagle made some turnings and we saw nice contrast on its upper wing and uppertail coverts. Of course you always hope to see these closer but this was very nice. Finish tick for me, finally!
After eagle we had nice conversations about all kid of birding.

Fox had some meal and did not care about Lapwings ideas. 

Male Teal, great looking bird. 

Later after i leave the tower i went to check Black-tailed Godwits in Villa Elfvik tower.
Thanks Jani, Mika, Petteri, Ville and others for company.

More stuff next week when i have more time for birds.


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