23. kesäkuuta 2013

Midsummer weekend with family. 22-23.6.2013

I had really nice weekend with my family. We have summerhouse in Hartola and yesterday morning me and Sarina went there.
The real cause to go there was not birding but having good time with close people.
However we have many birdhouses there and near two lakes, there is always some birds around.
Best bird for the weekend was nice male Golden Oriole. What a bird. Sadly i did not get any pics of it..
Crested Tits, Willow Tits, Ospreys, Green Sandpipers and other common species also around the area.
But the most interesting project i had was to watch how two Pied Flycatchers fed their cubs.
I spend few hours near the birdhouse and i got some nice pics.

Male with food.

Male guarding the nest.

Female with food.

Female guarding the nest.

These two birds were super effective! About every four minute either male of female came with food.
There was 6 birds around our yard in three birdhouses.
Here is some other pics also.

Always nice to make some barbecue! 

Large-leaved Lupines in full flower. 

Cute Crested Tit.

Like you see, i had nice weekend. I hope you all had too!
Tomorrow i had to go back to work, but lets see if i have some time to post something later next week.


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