19. kesäkuuta 2013

Nice summer day. 19.6.2013

It is really summer now. Temperatures are almost 20 degrees and today was nice and sunny.
Many species have their cubs around and adults have much work to feed them all.
I met Jari today at Vanhankaupunginlahti where we had nice few hours photographing everything.
Many species in relatively small area and today some birds were nicely cooperative.
Here is some photos.

Urban Sedge Warbler. 

Common Rosefinch is handsome bird. 

First Thrush Nightingale. 

And Second one here with some bug. 

Fieldfare resting.

We had also very friendly Yellow Wagtail witch followed us. Red-backed Shrike was totally different, it ran away every time.

Yellow Wagtail.

Red-backed Shrike. 

Best bird today were Blyth´s Reed Warbler. Other birds were more normal or more like crap :)
Later almost at the evening i went to Kirkkonummi with Jände. We had few stops in different places but nothing special today. There was Common Quail quite near but we did not have energy to check it.

Grey Heron.

White-tailed Eagle. maybe 3cy bird.

Nice day with good company. Thanks Jände and Jari.
Next weekend is midsummer fest here in Finland, so we are going to our summer house. Lets hope i have some good birds there.


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