28. toukokuuta 2013

Camera mistake.. 28.5.2013

I met Jari at Pornaistenniemi this morning. We start to walk around the area and when i was taking photo of Redwing i noticed that there was no battery in my camera... Great! Nice start for the day...
We checked whole area quite fast and best bird was Greenish Warbler witch disappeared quickly after i saw it.. Many Rose Finches, Greater white throats, Thrush Nightingales and others.. One sad thing also today. Penduline Tits have rejected their nest.. I heard little story of photographer around the nest and not just with the long telephoto lenses but with normal cameras.. That is fu***ng disgusting! I hope you guys with you pocket cameras are proud of your selves.

After Pornaistenniemi we had nice lunch in little cafe in Viikki and then we went to Hakala bird tower witch is in Vanhankaupunginlahti.
Not much birds in the meadow front of the tower and i concentrated to check raptors but i did not see any today! Later i found sandpiper standing near water quite far away. First i did not know what it was and i judged it to Wood Sand.. But soon it "raised" and showed it real shape and legs and other features. Marsh Sandpiper! Then it started to walk and soon it disappeared before Jari saw it.. Unfortunately..
Best bird today but i was only who saw it. Well, i have seen quite many so it´s not a great rarity, but nice anyway.
Soon we left and walked back to our cars. Thanks Jari for company!
After Viikki i went to Maari birds tower where i had little raptor watch with Jani Ceder, Pekka Komi and Sami Tuomela. Funny stuff and lot´s of laughing. Thanks guys also for company.
Best was Little Tern sitting on a sludge.

Nice day but no photos.. Maybe next time.



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