21. toukokuuta 2013

Last day in Israel 20.5.2013

This was our last day in the country. After leaving our hotel we went to check some park where Vinous-breasted Starling is living.
This category C specie is originally from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Laos and other countries from that direction.
In the early 2000s it has become an invasive species in Israel, alongside the Common Mynah.
But what a heck to think about it.. Tick is a tick and we wanted to see it.
In the park was also one other specie witch missed in my Israeli-list, Monk Parakeet.
So high hopes to see two plastic birds in one day.
We parked our car near some entrance of the park and just walked around. It took only 2min to see Monk Parakeet! Nice. About 15min later when we tried to photo some parakeets, Petteri found our target. Three Vinous-breasted Starlings jumped on the grass. Very funny moving style and it´s totally different when compare to Common Mynah.  It was hard to get any pics when birds were constantly moving, but i got something.
Here is real plastic photo series

Rose-ringed Parakeet. 

Common Mynas. 

Monk Parakeet fight! 

After this success we walk back to our car. On our way we saw little Cattle Egret colony in on tree and there was very young birds with totally black bills.

Young Cattle Egret. 
Also one some Hoopoes in the park. 

What a nice end for this trip.
Later afternoon our plane leave and i was back home at the evening.

I have to thank Jände, Petteri, Esko and Markus for excellent company. One of the best trips ever. So much hilarious  inside jokes!

Thank you Yoav Perlman for all the details and tips, without your help our Sooty Falcon project could have failed. Maybe next time we could have more birding together.

Also thank you Sarina for your patience of my seasonal stupidity! You are the best.

Next project is collect some year-ticks, so new post maybe soon.


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