18. toukokuuta 2013

Dead sea and others. 18.5.2013

Early start from the Kibbutz lotan.. We drove to Dead sea where we start our Sooty falcon project. After an hour, there was only little hope left and we changed our place few times. Last place was nice look out place with great view.
Petteri was the lucky one who found this bird! Very far away two Sooty Falcons had their pair display. Later birds were little bit closer and we got nice looks. Memorable lifer for all of us!
After these birds we drove to Metsuke Dragot where i felt so ill that i had to sit in the car... Thank god it´s over now. Egyptian Vulture, Fan-tailed Raven and lot´s of Nubian Ibexes there.

Fan-tailed Raven.


Nubian Ibex.

Egyptian Vulture.

Tristram´s Starling

Later we had quite long drive to Netanya where we have our hotel. We dropped our bags and we went to Ma´agan Michael where we had many Herons, Gulls, Mynas, and best birds, Gannet and about 40 Cory´s Shearwaters! Nice ticks.
Lot´s of people in the beach because of some holiday.. Loud music and lot´s of questions about our doings.

Common Mynah. 

At the evening we tried to twitch Painted Snipes but no luck... Next try tomorrow morning, so let´s hope the best.
Tomorrow is also our last full day.
more text tomorrow.


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