15. toukokuuta 2013

Eilat birding 14.5.2013

Nice birding around Eilat. We picked up Markus at early morning and then we met Yoav Perlman, Itai Shanni and Meidad Goren in north beach. I got lifer when Striated Heron walked on a buoy!
Other nice birds for the morning were three White-cheeked Terns and four Oystercatchers! Nice start.
Later we drove aroun km20 pools, Eilat area and Yotvata.
In Yotvata we had nice Hoopoe Lark singing, some Namaque Doves, Purple Heron and so on. Very hot! In km20 pools we saw lots of Curlew Sandpipers, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Honey Buzzards and Black Flamingo, witch is melanistic bird or something.

Striated Heron! Finally!

White Stork in Yotvata.

Black.winged Stilt.

Honey Buzzard in km20 pools. 
White-eyed Gull.

Nice day with some Israeli ticks and lifer :)
still some problems with internet, so not much text and few photos.


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