27. toukokuuta 2013

Lifer. 27.5.2013

Not much birding lately.. I had little birding burnout after Israel and i had to spend time at home with Sarina and with friends of course.
Today i had finally some energy to go out, so i went to Maari bird tower. Two Great Reed Warblers were singing near the tower and lots of other birds as well.
When i arrived to the tower there was few guys before me, some familiar and some not. I checked the meadow and soon Jani, who was in the tower noticed alarm of Booted Warbler quite near in Espoo.
My blood pressure jumped a little bit. After all, it would be lifer for me if i go there. So not much thinking and i left. About 15min late i arrived to Kuitinmäki where birds were singing actively. This is maybe unforgettable day for Kari who found the bird. He just hear little bit weird from the backyard and soon he found out that the bird is Booted Warbler. Great found Kari!
There was few people already when i arrived. Pasi Pirinen, Asko Rokala, Pertti Uusuvuori and some other guys. When i arrived the bird was quite close and i got tolerable photo of it, but soon it flew little bit farther and after few minutes we heard only its song.
Later more people came and i left after i put update message in our alarm system.

Booted Warbler. 

Twitchers and founder Kari in hes balcony. 

Later i check my book and there was text. "may look phylloscopus warbler in field" and in this photo, it have some same looks.
After this great warbler i went back to maari tower where we had many flocks of Geese but nothing really special.
After all this was very nice day. Nice weather, lifer, good company. Tomorrow i meet Jari in Viikki, so more text coming soon. Here is some photos from maari area.


Spotted Flycatcher. 

Common Snipe. 

See u tomorrow.


p.s. More story about Booted Warbler in Kari Haataja blog. You find it in my blog list. Finishborealforestbirding or something :)

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