8. toukokuuta 2013

Birding around. 4-8.5.2013

Quite much birding lately. Some twitching and some trips around my normal places.
4th of May i had nice walk in Suomenoja with many Ducks and other common birds. Surprisingly i found Jack Snipe from there. It took off just before i get my camera ready. Nice tick for me.
Later i had raptor watch in Haltiala but sadly there were no raptors.. Okay, one Common Buzzard and one Sparrow Hawk. Better birds were two White Storks wit i found about 5km distance. I even got one photo trough my telescope!

Female Pochard this time. 

Male Goldeneye.

Here is my great photo of White Stork.

Black dot in the middle is stork! 

Next birding was at 6th when i twitched Lesser White-fronted Goose from Hyvinkää. Not much fun and it was quick visit. I also had first Thrush Nightingale for the year.

On 7th i went twice in Maari bird tower where i had lot´s of Waders. First Temminck´s Stint for the year.
Lot´s of Spotted Redshanks, Ruffs, and other birds. Also Water Rail and Sedge Warbler there.

Spotted Redshank. 

Wood Warbler. 

Today i went firs to Lauttasaari where i twitched Collared Dove witch is very nice specie here. Only voice this time, but i maybe try to get some photos later.
After Dove i went to Vanhankaupunginlahti where i check Lammassaari bird tower. Massive invasion of Thrush Nightingales! At least 6 different birds were singing. Yesterdays Black Tern was gone (later somebody found it) but i heard some Spotted Crakes when i walked to the tower. Also Great Bittern blew into the bottle somewhere in the reeds.

Male Reed Bunting.
After tower i met Jari and we had nice visit to Pornaistenniemi hide where i saw Citrine Wagtail! Nice male bird. There was great light and perfectly calm water so we had some camera action there.

Inside of the hide. 

Common Tern. 
Double-headed Coot.
After Hide we checked Penduline Tits nest and it looks quite ready. Two birds collected nest materials around the area. I hope they managed to breed and get some cubs.


Penduline Tit

Later i quickly visited Maari bird tower again, but nothing new there.. Nice day anyway.
Now i had to be two days in work and weekend i try to visit Viikki and Vanhankaupunginlahti again.

Sorry about so many photos and hear you soon.

Later afternoon fter i put my blogpost here, i went to Viikki again and i saw that Black Tern :)


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