16. toukokuuta 2013

Eilat and later else 16.5.2013

Today we started again from the N-beach. Nothing special so we went to km20 pools to had some raptor watch. Our Sooty Falcon project is still alive and we had high hopes! Of course we had to leave without this bird, but we have still enough optimism to go there tomorrow again :)
Again we had Barbary Falcon, Collared Pratincole and other same birds. Many Eastern-olivaceus Warblers in the pool area today.

The Warbler. 

Eastern-olivaceus is quite common here. Yesterday we had about 45 birds and today about 40, so much! Never seen so much actually!
After pools we had breakfast and we got some bad news.. We had to leave from the hostel where we lived.. Some formal detail was against us.. :)
So we contact to Kibbutz Lotan and we got room for us.
We dropped our bags and then we went to km76 where we had nothing... Some Rufous-tailed Robins but nothing else..
After km76 we went to Neot Smadar to have some lunch and rest. Soon after food we went to Uvda area where we had nice 3 hours. Nothing interesting..
Later we checked Neot Smadar sewage and there was some finally birds.
Many Rufous-tailed Robins, Garden Warblers, Citrine Wagtail and so on. Nice birding there.

Hooded Wheatear in Uvda. 

Some Great-grey Shire in Uvda..

This beautiful Rufous-tailed Robin was in Neot Samadar sewage. 

Now in Lotan and planning something for tomorrow. We have some Sooty Falcon plans and some Olive-tree Warbler plans. :)



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