11. toukokuuta 2013

Very nice day! 11.5.2013

What a day i had. Lot´s of birds everywhere and good company.
I started from Vanhankaupunginlahti where i very quickly found Ichterine Warbler and Greater Whitethroat for my year list. What a nice start. Dozens of Thrush Nightingales were singing, but maybe number of the birds feel so huge because of their loud voice.
I walked to Keinumäki tower where the Penduline Tit nest is. Two birds where present and i did not go to disturb them. Same time i noticed lone Penduline tit very close to me, so i had to take some photos.

I hope people understand to leave these birds alone so they  can breed without disruption. 

Next place was hide where i visited also last time, but there was so much people inside so i decided to walk straight to Lammassaari.
In middle of the boardwalks there is little wooden stage where some people listened the reeds. I stopped there also but nothing special.. Great numbers of Sedge Warblers were singing and some Common Snipes had their displays.
In lammassaari i found moere Great Whitethroats, Lesse Whitethroats, Black Woodpecker, Little Spotted Woodpecker and so on.

Boardwalks to Lammassaari.

Greater Whitethroat

Sedge Warbler.

Thrush Nightingale. 

When i walked back from the island i saw three birds flying over the boardwalks. Bearded Tits!! What a super nice surprise!! I did not have any change to get any photos but wow, that was great!
I walked back to Keinumäki tower where i met Jari Nummelin and hes wife Anu Lindström. Jari told that there was Blue Throat sighting from the boardwalks and Great-reed Warbler from the area too.
First we tried to listen if Great-reed would like to sing, but no luck this time.
Next we went to boardwalks where we found Blue Throat quite easily. Nice bird!
Then we heard that in Lammassaari tower some people saw Red-backed Shrike and some Citrine Wagtails.
We went there but only one Wagtail was there.. Lots of people there!
Later we tried to hear Great-reed again and this time it was there! What a great feeling. Same time Great Bittern and Great-reed Warbler singing, that was great!
Soon Jari and Anu left and i met accidentally Jari. We had little walk there and Jari head the Great-reed also.
Alter that we had little food break in prisma and then we went to Viikki. Nothing special there... Jari went to see Lesser White-fronted Goose with hes friend and i went back home.
House Martins and Barn Swallow. 

Redwing in Viikki.

Later Afternoon i drove Sarina to Espoo where she had shes friends "hen party". Suomenoja was in same direction so i went there. I walked my normal route and my first stop was in eastern bird tower. After few minutes i saw two little birds flying quite low. Other was little bit closer and then i had this so called "internal lamp explosion" thing! Rustic Bunting! What a feeling! Same time i heard "tsit" or "tik" sound.
Super looking male! Head Pattern was so clear so i id it male bird.
There was some other guys in the tower and i yelled that there is Rustic Bunting! Other guy just growled something and other guy asked "what is Rustic Bunting"........ GREAT!
Sadly i was not sure about the other bird.. Same sound but i did not saw any features.. but i think it was same specie. What a great birds!
Then i left from the tower and i called to Jände to ask some things.
Later i just walked around the area and too some photos of same old ducks.

Tufted Ducks. 

Oh yeah, not just ducks.

Male Pied Flycatcher. 

What a ending for the day.
Thank you for company Jari, Anu and other Jari :)
Tomorrow i must rest and pack my bags. Monday we start our Israeli trip so next post is from there i hope.
Year ticks 203

Hear you soon.


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