16. toukokuuta 2013

Eilat birding 2 15.5.2013

Still driving around Eilat places and hoping to see Sooty Falcon. Early morning and we start from the North Beach, nothing special this time.. Later we went to km20 pool where we had raptor watch for the Sooty Falcon... Sadly this long waited raptor did not show up. Of course we had some other birds. Black-headed Bunting was new Israeli tick! Nicely found Petteri!
Later after breakfast we went back to km20 pools. Little pressure came when somebody found two Falcons flying above the pools. Two Barbary Falcons! What a nice birds.

Black-headed Bunting. 

Barbary Falcon.

Collared Pratincole. 

Here´s some birds from the km20 pools.
Later Markus guided us to Canada park or something like that. We found Common Cuckoo, Barred Warbler, and some other birds.
Sadly Markus had to leave to pack and later he had to leave the country. Thanks Markus for great company :)

Common Cuckoo.

Jumping Cuckoo. 

Barred Warbler. 

We had also one little raptor watch in the mountains, but nothing.. On our way to Holland Park i almost killed Lichtenstein Sandgrouse baby.. Whole family walked across the road! What a rare sighting.

In Holland park where we had about 30 Eastern-olivaceus Warblers!
Later Sea-watch in north beach and when we were driving to the beach someone found weird Honey Buzzard from the sky. Very quickly we noticed that this is Crested Honey Buzzard! What a bird! Third bird for me in the Israel and fourth in WP.

Crested Honey Buzzard! photo by Jände. 

Sand Patridge. 

What a great day.


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