3. toukokuuta 2013

Terek Sandpiper and others. 3.5.2013

Today i visited quickly in Vanhankaupunginlahti and Maari bird-watching tower. Later me and Jände twitched Tereks Sandpiper in Riihimäki witch is about 70km north of Helsinki.
In Vanhankaupunginlahti i had Penduline Tit male witch had much work with hes new bag. Hope he will find some company :) I also heard nice Wood Warbler witch was also a tick for me.
After those nice birds i went to Maari bird-tower where i had nice flock of nine Spotted Redshanks, four Ruffs, eleven Wood Sandpipers and other nice, but common stuff..
I was very lazy with my camera and only photos i took was Great-spotted Woodpecker pics..

Great-spotted Woodpecker. 
Later i called Jände who was interested about Terek Sandpiper witch was in Riihimäki. After an hour drive and after some problems with google maps, we found right place.
There was some people already so finding the bird was not so hard.
First the bird was quite close but hiding all the time. Later it jumped in the air and flew across the water area little bit farther.

Trough my telescope. 

And with my camera, too far... 

The place. Nice spot by the way. 

Anyway, nice new specie on my Finish list. and of course important year tick.
Thanks Jände for company.
Next few days i had to work, so let´s see when i have time to write here.


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