3. elokuuta 2013

Baby falcons. 2.8.2013

Today Jari Lintaja showed me very nice place where Eurasian Hobbys have their fledglings. Place is in Helsinki and picked Jari from Viikki before noon.
Weather was quite bad.. Cloudy and grey day, even little rain before we arrived. Also we had to take only distant photos because these birds were quite shy, at least this time.
When we arrived to the place there was two juvenile birds sitting in a dry tree, but later there was three juveniles and one adult bird.

Jumping Hobby.

Staring contest!

What are you doing there face. 

I must thank Jari for showing me this place and i´m quite happy with the result.
Now i need to work during the weekend so i hope there´s not any super rarity in Finland that time. :)
However, if somebody must find something, find it in Helsinki area, please!

I wish good weekend to all of you.


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