25. elokuuta 2013

Slow raptor watch. 25.8.2013

Today i went to watch some raptors with Roni Väisänen. We drove to  Västerkulla which is in the eastern Helsinki. When we arrived we heard Hazel Grouse somewhere in the woods.
Clear sky without any clouds made our job very hard.
In about two hours we had about 20 Sparrow Hawks, two Goshawks, 6 Kestrels, Honey Buzzard, four White-tailed Eagles and two Nutcrackers.
Last one was long waited year-tick for Roni. I had one earlier this year at Vanhankaupunginlahti.
It was nice two hours anyway, so thanks for the company Roni!

My first panorama pic in this blog. Hope it works.


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