5. elokuuta 2013

Gull watching in Espoo. 5.8.2013

Today i joined Roni Väisänen when he was working in Ämmässuo dump. We drove around the area and there was maybe few thousand gulls.
Almost two weeks a go Roni and Petteri Lehikoinen found possible Yellow-legged Gull from here and Two days ago Petteri Hytönen found that same Gull! That was in my mind of course. I did not count but we checked many gulls before we found "different" looking bird sitting on a pile of shit.
I got few good photos of the bird and Roni got hes earlier pics so we compare these and it was clearly same bird! Nice Finnish tick for me if RC will accept this great observation. I must still think that this is possible Yellow-legged.
Here is some photos from the dump.

Juvenile Herring Gull.

This Herring Gull had weird ring. Not Finnish. 

And this one got little different bill. 


Herring and Baltic Gulls.

Herring and Greater Black-backed Gulls.

And the Yellow-legged.

1cy bird. 


What a great day. Thank you Roni for taking me with you. Hope we can make another trip there soon.


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