28. elokuuta 2013

Sabine´s Gull!! 27.8.2013

Today one guy found Sabine´s Gull from Lempäälä near Tampere and after that the bird was found in Vesilahti. Alarm came this morning but bird disappeared soon after that and i quickly twitched Great Snipe from Kyläsaari Helsinki.
After midday new alarm of same bird came and me, Jarkko, Jenni, Roni and Jari decided to twitch the bird. 
Driving to Lempäälä takes about hour and a half but i made it little faster this time :) 
When we arrived we met Petteri Mäkelä there and he recommend a place near us. We walked to the shore and then we get info that bird flew to some field... Nice. Just after that info Roni found the bird flying above us!! It was quite high so it was hard to get any good photos.. 
Bird made some rounds above us and after 5 minutes it took more height and flew far away. Then we realized that how amazingly lucky we were.. Just few minutes and it was gone! 
Bird was adult (+2cy) and second record of this plumage in Finland. In total this was 14th record for Finland, so we had nice and really rare bird there. 
This was nice tick for me and actually Roni was only one who did not get lifer.. Year tick of course.
Here is some photos of the bird. 

The bird. 

Notice wedge in tail which important feature when id these birds.


In this you can even see the yellow bill tip.

So finally we get something to twitch. I like these trips when you have nice company and good jokes and stuff. 
Thank you guys for company and hope we get more of these in the future. 
Now my year-ticks are 242 and one is waiting for approval, so new record is here! 250, here i come. 

Jari in back round and Jarkko on front.

Next post soon, we have some ringing plans for this week. 


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