29. elokuuta 2013

CES-ringing in Östersundom 29.8.2013

Today i joined Jarkko Santaharju and Roni Väisänen to make some ringing in Helsinki.
We arrived to Östersundom very early, before 6am. First round was very good with about 25 birds or more. Mostly we get Robins but there were also Willow Warblers, some Tits and few Dunnocks.
After few good rounds Roni had to leave to work so me and Jarkko handled the nets rest of the time.
Every round started to be slower and finally clock came to half noon so we took the nets of.
During the day we also heard one Red-breasted Flycatcher and few hundreds of Barnacle Goose flying over the ringing site.
Final count showed quite nice number of birds.

Robin 19 (all 1cy) 4 controls
Dunnock 4 (all 1cy)
Song Thrush 2 (one +1cy and one 1cy)
Lesser Whitethroat 2 (Both +1cy) Quite rare this time to catch adult birds. Most of those are gone already.
Willow Warbler 28 (all 1cy)
Great Tit 3 (1cy) two controls (1cy and +1cy)
Blue Tit 5 (three 1cy and two +1cy)
Siskin 9 (all 1cy)


Adult male Blue Tit.

+1cy Lesser Whitethroat.


Song Thrush.

What a nice day though we had big war against Deer Flys!! Hundreds of those bastards attack against us.. I killed maybe 50 today.
Many thanks to Roni and Jarkko! I really enjoy to join you guys and learn from you. I hope i get ringing licence some day.


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