1. syyskuuta 2013

Quick twitch. 31.8.2013

I was lazy last night so i post this today..
Yesterday i make quick visit to Maari birdtower after some guys, including my friend Matias Castren found Little Grebe there. I arrived afternoon and birders in the tower told me that they saw it earlier but at the moment it was hiding in reeds.
I start to check the area where it was last seen and after 30 minutes i showed very quickly.
Meanwhile when i was looking the Grebe i had time to check also other birds. Lonely Greater White-fronted Goose still there with many Canada Goose, Lapwings, Ruffs, Starlings, Wigeons, Teals, and maybe the second best bird, Spotted Crake.
Little Grebe is scarce bird in Finland and only handful breeding in Finland every year. This bird was adult and year-tick number 243.
I think September brings more species and some rarities also. Here is amazing photo of the Grebe.. Scoped with my phone and telescope.

Little Grebe front of the reeds. 

Greater White-fronted Goose.


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