8. syyskuuta 2013

Great day 8.9.2013

Today i woke up and noticed that there is huge influx of Pallid Harriers in nearby areas. First i went to Suomenoja, hopping that one will fly near enough. I had 20 minute watch there and i checked our alarm-system. Local Richard´s Pipit and many Pallid Harriers in Degerby Inkoo, quite near Helsinki.


Pochard with mud face.

Degerby is about 47km away of Helsinki so i had 30 minute drive. I arrived there and there was big flock of people, i noticed my friend Petteri Hytönen and i went to talk with him. Petteri told that Pallid Harried was there just 30 seconds before me and i was fortuned to find it flying away, making some spiral moves. Nice! New tick for me! Soon the bird disappeared so i was very lucky. Thank you Petteri for letting me use one of your superb photos!

Adult female Pallid Harrier. (c) Petteri Hytönen.

Here is more photos of the Pallid Harrier.
Soon we noticed another Harrier flying just above the fields but it was female Hen Harrier. Nice anyway and it was good to compare these two very similar species almost together.
After some time and many Kestrels people decided to walk in the field and try to find the Richard´s Pipit. We had nice group of ten people and we actually find the bird from first field! Damn it was huge! Pipit flew away and despite the searches it was not find again.. Same happened actually to my car keys...
At some point keys must have dropped from my pocket. Area was so big that i was totally hopeless... Thank god Hannu Palojärvi was there and he gave me a ride back home to get my spare key and then ride back to my car. Without Hannu i would have been in big trouble.. So thank you Hannu, you are best, i owe you one!
Birds today:

Pallid Harrier 1 adult female.
Hen Harrier female type bird.
Kestrel 8
Red-throated Pipit 15
Richard´s Pipit 1
White-tailed Eagle 2 juvenile birds.

People walking.

Distant photo of Hen Harrier.

Thanks Hannu, Petteri and other for the company!


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