30. syyskuuta 2013

Last day in Estonia. 29.9.2013

I came home at 7.30am this morning and because we did not have any good internet connection, i had to write this now.
Last morning was rainy and wet and we left from Sörve B.O. quite early with Titi and Jari. We took ferry to the mainland and then we drove to  cape Pösaspea to watch some arctic waterfowl migration.

Always nice to visit in Sörve B.O.

On our way we saw few flocks of geese, few Buzzards but nothing really interested until we were quite close of Pösaspea and i spotted Ural Owl from our car window!
Quick reverse and bird was still there. Lifer for Titi and Estonian tick for Jari, i did not get any ticks but i was happy.

Awesome Ural Owl. 

After few pics we continued to the cape where we met Annika Forsten, Antero Lindholm and two Swedish guys.
They told that migration was very strong earlier and its getting slower now. We did not care about that and i put my telescope ready and i started to screen the ocean.
Lots of Velvet Scoters, Greater Scaups, Barnacle Goose, Brent Goose, Long-tailed Ducks, Wigeons and lots of other birds went South-West.
Of course we missed most of the birds but i was very pleased that we saw even these birds.
There was also two very rare and endangered birds that afternoon.
I checked normally quite big flock of  Barnacles, i did not saw two different birds in lower line of the flock. Somebody yelled that there is something and its worth of watch.
I found the birds and my first reaction was Lesser White-fronted Geese!! It was rapid moment but i had that feeling which is often right.
We had conversation about id of these birds and Swedish guys were sure that those were really Lesser WF Geese, so i put it on Estonians alarm system.
This was my third observation about this specie in Estonia and first really spontaneous. European population is now about 20 breeding pairs and 60-80 birds totally.(Wikipedia)

Sea watching in Estonians best location.

Mute Swan.

Greater Scaups.

Velvet Scoters.

Brent Geese.

At some point migration was very slow and we went to check different locations near by but nothing really interesting this time. Harverssi, which is good place for waders was almost empty.. Two Curlew Sands, 15 Dunlins, two Little Stints and some Ruffs, Ringed Plovers and lonely Wood Sandpiper. Later we drove back to Tallinn and we had over night ferry back to Helsinki. New experience for me.

Black Redstart male.

Very good trip with scarce and rare birds. Special thanks to Jände, Juha, Titi and Jari. Now i have 5 evenign shifts in a row so next posts after those.


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