21. syyskuuta 2013

Finally something. 21.9.2013

Finally some birding. Today i went out with my uncle Jände. He had hes new Swarowski binoculars and it seems that those are working really good.
We start from the Kaivopuisto where we had only lone Spotted Flycatcher, some Chiffchaffs, Blue Tits and Chaffinches.

Natural background and Chiffchaff. 

After Kaivopuisto we decided to check Saltfjärden in Kirkkonummi. About 30km drive and we arrived to the parking lot where was lots of cars and some guys. Long staying Pallid Harrier was seen today but we did not have any luck with that.
Much of local birds there, including some White-tailed Eagles, Common Buzzards, Barnacle and Greylag Goose. We spend about an hour in the parking lot having only few good birds. Lonely Rough-legged Buzzard was highlight of the day.

Little flock of Cranes.

Distant Rough-legged Buzzard. 

After Saltfjärden we went to Lauttasaari very near where i live. Our friend Tuukka found Yellow-browed Warbler earlier today and we wanted to see that.
No luck with that today... We had almost two hours in Lauttasaari but not any good birds today

Same time around the Finland, Yellow-browed Warblers are jumping in every tree. Over 250 birds so far this autumn! I think new record of these is coming soon and for example Petteri and guys found 14 birds in one island today. Nice job!
I had one bird few days a go in Kaivopuisto where i am working now. Bird  was still present day after that.

Tomorrow i will spend more time trying to find some good birds.


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