22. syyskuuta 2013

Yellow-browed Warbler and else in Lauttasaari. 22.9.2013

Like the topic says, we had nice day in Lauttasaari with Jände. First stop was Nackapuisto where we met Markku and Biti Ojala, Pekka Rusanen and Timo Vilkka. Pekka had some nets on.
Lots of birds around the place and in three hours we had Rough-legged Buzzard, many Common Buzzards, at least one Honey Buzzard, Merlin, White-tailed Eagle, many Sparrow Hawks, Caspian Tern, Black and Red-throated Divers, Black Woodpecker and the highlight, Yellow-browed Warbler. Thanks Markku, great finding.
Sadly the bird took off very soon after we all heard it.

Grey Heron arrives.

Female Black Woodpecker. 


After we left, Matti Rekilä invited us to drink some coffee in the cottage which is also in Lauttasaari.
Because we were so close, we decided to go of course.
The place was super nice and we had great time. Thanks Masa and Iira for the company, it was nice to see you after long time.

Nice day with good people.
Next few days i have to work, but weekend is free again, so maybe then i will post again.


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