27. syyskuuta 2013

First day in Estonia 27.9.2013

So, i am in Estonia now. Jari and Titi took me in to their car yesterday and we took evening ship to Tallin. After the boat and two hour driving we arrived to Sutlepa where we had first very short night. 
Four hours sleep and then we drove to the ferry to Saarenmaa. Jände and Holmes found Estonians first Isabelline Wheatear from Sörve. 
We arrived before noon but it was raining.. After we get our stuff in side of the bird station the rain stopped and we had little change to find the bird. 
Soon after we arrived to the place we found the bird! Beautiful wheatear was posing on a hedge. 

Very friendly Bean Goose.

Isabelline Wheatear. First for Estonia.

Rest of the day we just drove around the area, hoping some real rarities.Tomorrow i will put some nets on with Juha and we are going to get some real birds. 

Herring Gull specie. 

Great grey Shrike.

Golden Plover. Sadlly not pasific or american.

Great day today. Wheatear was estonian tick number 278. 
Super tired now so just quick post. Tomorrow i try to to better job. 


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