28. syyskuuta 2013

Lots of stuff in Sörve B.O. 28.9.2013

We woke up at 6.30am and soon after coffee we put some nets on. In two hours we got great catch.. Two Dunnocks and two Robins.. what is that, really? Also on of the most legendary bird ringer in Estonia was here to watch some ringing! Maybe it was hes fault that we did not get any birds?
After this session we went to check if the Isabelline Wheatear was still present, and it was. Had to took some photos again.

Bird of the week was still present. 

Few flocks of Geese went south. 

After the wheatear we came back to the bird station and when i went out Juha was talking with some guy and girl. They showed us great photo of Northern Hawk Owl which was very near the station. Me and Juha went to look at it but that time it was gone. Then we get Jände and Titi, and we went to look at it from neighboring areas. It took almost two hours and we were actually coming back to the station when Mati Martinson came to told us that Owl was just there. Juha walked little bit and soon found the bird.
Me and Jände took the car trying to take some photos of it.
Here is the result.

Hawk Owl! 

We had also this kind of raptors today. Little bit better pic today. 
Sparrow Hawk.

Afternoons project was Isabelline Wheatear again. Small group of Estonian top twitchers were on their way and we had to help those dudes.
First was very hard. Bird did not showed up like earlier and we had to do real work to find it.
Finally after 40 minutes Rene found the bird walking on a field.


Happy twitchers! 

Later is time for Sauna and other evening happening. Tomorrow plans are still open.. Maybe back to the main land and some birding there, lets see.


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