8. syyskuuta 2013

Great White Egret! 7.9.2013

Yesterday i went to Suomenoja because Sarina had some friends drinking at our place.
I went to the birdtower which is at southern side of the lake. Lots of gulls flew over the lake to the sea where gulls spend their nights. I counted over 60 Great Black-backed Gulls and almost 200 Herring Gulls. It was nice to check different ages of the gulls. At 6:40 pm i was checking some gull and i saw big white bird behind the flock. Little focusing and it was clear. Great White Egret! Scarce bird in Finland and actually very hard to find by your self. Always somebody else found these. Bird went to SW and disappeared behind the trees. Sadly i rushed out too fast and i forgot my camera at home...
Not too much birds after the Egret, but i was very happy.

Some Starlings.


Juvenile Goldfinch.

Egret was new year-tick for me, number 245 or something.


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