15. huhtikuuta 2014

Back in business 15.4.2014

After Israel i have spent most of my time at work.. This week is little different because i´m off all the week days (except next night). This morning Jari Linjala picked me up from my place and we drove to Vanjärvi which is in Vihti, quite near Helsinki. Morning was cloudy when we arrived but there was decent numbers of Ducks and Swans. I quickly checked the place with telescope and i found small flock of Bean Geese with one Greater White-fronted Goose. Always nice to see these birds.
We continued to the main place but i must say, it was little disappointment. Nice surprise was dispalying Male Black Grouse quite far away.

Also one Greater White-fronted Goose in this Bean Goose flock.

Whooper Swan.

Black Grouse male. 

After Vanjärvi we decided to check if the Great Egrets were still present in Lohja. During our drive we noticed Hazel Grouse walking across the street. Quick stop and out of the car. Grouse showed very nicely and there was real change to get once in a life time pics, but i screwed up that moment totally.. My settings were totally wrong and i was too slow.. Still mad at myself. Also Black Woodpecker drumming in the area.

It was so close!! 

Anyway, we continued to Pusulanjärvi where two Great Egrets have been some time now.
When we arrived some guy told us that birds just moved other side of the lake so little drive and we arrived to the right place.
Great Egret is uncommon mostly spring but also autumn visitor in Finland. Always nice to see these.

One Egret in tree. 

Here´s both birds.
Always nice to take photo when taking photo. Can you say it like that?

There was also lost of Swans in the area with some Tufted Ducks and Teals. Nice place and maybe worth to visit again some day.
Next stop was little closer to home. Villa Eflvik is part of the Laajalahti which is awesome birding place in Espoo. We left our car to the parking lot and walked around the area. There is lots of old forest with lost of Woodpeckers. This time only Lesser-spotted Woodpecker around. It´s great feeling to listen Treecreepers, Coal Tits, Goldcrests, Robins, Song Thrushes and other birds singing.
From the bird tower we had nice flock of eight Smews, Redshank, Meadow Pipit, Common Ringed Plover, Common Tern, Greylag Geese, Shovelers and many others.

Coal Tit.

Distant flock of Smews.

Great place and lots of birds. After this, Jari dropped me back to home.
Thanks for the company Jari, this was great fun. I clearly need more mornings like this.
Hear you soon.


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