2. huhtikuuta 2014

Race ending ceremony and day off. 2.4.2014

Today was real day off and we wake up at 9.00. At 9.30 there was group photo with all the racing teams in North beach and after that we went to Hotel Hilton to have breakfast and there was also official ending ceremony.
After all the winning team came from the USA, Cornell Lab eBirders. Congratulations!
Winning team saw 165 species so our 153 was way too low! Anyway, we were at the fourth place.

Ending ceremony.

Later i just walked around in the city center. Had some kbab and spending time. Later i took our car and went to check IBRC salt pools. Nothing interesting there except one Collared Pratincole.


Black Winged Stilt.

Tomorrow back to business!


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