6. huhtikuuta 2014

Slow last day in Eilat. 6.4.2014

So, last full day in Eilat today. I was whole morning in IRBC ringing station with my great buddies Roni, Bas, Yael, Liri and Swedish guys. Had great time but not much birds. One Common Nightingale was best bird from the nets i think. I hoped to see Saw-scaled Viper again, but maybe good, not this time.
Lots of Swallows around the station and some Bee-eaters too.

Common Nightingale. 
Barn Swallows.

Flock of Night Herons in morning light.

Later Roni had to return their rental car and i went to same way with him to meet Jände. After we dropped Roni back to the station we checked km19 Pool and km20 pools. Nothing really interesting there. It was hottest day so far and birds were hiding somewhere. Maybe two Collared Pratincoles, Egyptian Gooses are worth to mention.
Later we took well deserved siesta and we went to North beach later to have some sea-watch.
Yesterdays possible White-cheeked Tern has turned almost definite one. Bird certainly looks good foor White-cheeked and as you can see from next picture, it looks more like a Chlidonias tern thatn Sterna tern.

White-cheeked on left and Common Tern right.

Also lots of other nice but common stuff around the beach.

Sandwich Tern.

White-eyed Gull.

Roni, Bas, Jände, Esko, Erkki and Harri in the photo. 

So, like i mentioned this was our last day in Eilat. Tomorrow we will start quite early to Mitzpe Ramon to check some Lanner place and hopefully we see one! Later we go Sde Boker and finally at the evening back to Tel Aviv and home.. More of that tomorrow with some photos and lost of thanks to many people.


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