3. huhtikuuta 2014

Still little bit tired after the race. 3.4.2014

Waking up was totally nightmare today. I was so tired... Jände and Esko continued their sleeping when i went to check Holland Park. In 45 minutes i got 15 Ruppel´s Warblers, one Subalpine Warbler, huge number of Lesser Whitethroats, 28 Eastern Bonelli´s Warblers and two Eastern Olivaceous Warblers.
It was well spend time and number of birds were amazing.

Ruppel´s Warbler male.

Eastern Bonelli´s Warbler.

Soon i got text from Jände and i went to pic them up. Our next destination was Ovda where we tried to find Horned Larks and other good stuff. Sadly all we had was flock of Crowned Sandgrouses, Booted Eagle and pair of German birders.

Whole flock of Crowned Sandgrouses in the picture. 
Booted Eagle.

Also one Common Kestrel around.

Little bit later Jände dropped me to check one big green plant in the desert and i found Whinchat and Scrub Warbler.


After Ovda we had coffee in back yard of Neot Smadars eco-coffee place and Common Nightingale were singing there. Next we check old Pied Bushchat place and we had both Common Redstart and Black Redstart there. Not really much birds there but clearly some migrants had arrived.
After Neot Smadar we went to Yotvata to check both circular fields. Not much birds there but highlights were Oriental Skylark and 2cy Pallid Harrier female.

Pallid Harrier. 2cy Female.

Challenging Siberian Stonechat also in Yotvata.

After Yotvata we went to km 20 pools where we had nice species like Montagus Harrier, Bee-Eaters etc.

Lots of Splender-billed Gulls.

Stunning Bee-Eaters

Our last place for the day was North Beach, of course. Minute after we arrived, female Pallid Harrier migrated and soon we had nice Montagus again! Lots of Lesser Black-backed Gull movement and with those we had Whiskered Tern! Very nice.

This one is for Petteri. Siberian Gull?

Lost of fun today with the guys. Tomorrow we are going to try some raptor watch in the mountains.
Here you soon.


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