11. toukokuuta 2017

New spring birds with Vilma 11.5.2017

Day off from work, so Vilma was home with me. We headed to Vanhankaupunginlahti to see if we could find new spring migrants. Also a local Citrine Wagtail and Penduline Tit were interesting, both new to my stroller list if we could find them.
Everybody knows that with kids you really don´t have early mornings, so it was already nine a clock when we arrived to the vanhankaupunginlahti. Willow Warbler was singing with tens of Chaffinches, Black birds and other thrushes.
We walked to Pornaistenniemi and it took me about five minutes to find the Penduline Tit! A lone bird called first few times and then I saw it sitting on a reed just before it disappeared. Bird was possibly female, because of quite narrow mask. First stroller tick in my bag! I tried to find the bird for a while, but nothing, so we went to the pornaistenniemi tower.
Lone Sand Martin in small flock of  Common House Martins, about 10 Common Swifts flying over the bay, two Marsh Harriers, some Grey Herons, Reed Buntings, calling Great Bittern and singing Reed Warbler. I had to watch Vilma all the time, because she is always very interested about stairs and you can only imagine what happens when you let one year old try to go down alone.

Vilma running in Pornaistenniemi tower.

From the tower we continued towards Lammassaari. There was new very wide path and we tried it, but it ended very soon. We left the stoller and walked the boardwalks towards Lammassaari. I let Vilma walk but carefully watched from her back. All went well until she fell and hit her upper lip. We had some lap time and Vilma was okay very soon. Lesser Whitethroat was new year tick from boardwalks. Walking back too forever, but we made it. Sun was shining all the time so it was good walk.

Vilma and nice scenery. 

We went again towards the tower we already visited and this time we checked the public hide near it.
First I found Wood Sandpiper near the path and got some decent photos of it.

Wood Sandpiper.

Same bird, different light.

In the hide we had Coot, some Reed Buntings, callign Bittern again and more Wood Sandpipers.

Outside the hide.

Inside the hide. 

We were walking near the tower when I heard a call which had to be Citrine Wagtails. In few seconds I found the bird flying over the reeds going towards Lammassaari. A male Citrine Wagtail! What a nice ending for our trip. Soon we left and checked the grove near by but nothing but three Blackcaps and Chaffinches around.

Beautiful woods.

Male Blackcap.

That is some serious nesting material.

Vilma was super tired, so we headed to the car and back home for a nap.
Great morning. Tomorrow I will go to Maari tower again, so new post coming soon.
At home I noticed that Citrine Wagtail was also a new stroller tick so two new ones today.


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