12. toukokuuta 2017

Nice day with some rarities. 12.5.2017

I started my day from Vanhankapunginlahti. Yesterday I planed to go to Maari tower, but I changed my mind. Of course a Great Egret was there and I still need it to my year list. I checked the Citrine Wagtail place, but nothing. Only two calls from Spotted Crake, some Swifts and two Marsh Harriers. I continued my walking towards Lammassaari and finally I arrived to the tower. Place was empty and not much birds, if you don´t count Barnacle Geese.

Part of the big flock of Barnacle Geese. 
Only few Ruffs, some Ringed Plovers, Redshanks, Common Snipes, Meadow Pipits, Grey Herons etc. Best animal was definitely this Roe Deer in small island in front of the Lammassaari.

Roe Deer.

Grey Heron.

I left and walked back to Citrine Wagtail place. After few minutes I had two Bearded Reedlings near the platform and finally the Citrine Wagtail gave me a flyby.
Also a tame Wood Sandpiper gave me a good pose and first Sedge Warbler started to sing just before I Left.

Wood Sandpiper.
Same bird.
Reed Bunting.

While I was there I noticed a message of local Pallid Harrier in Vuosaari and that was my next destination. I parked my car and started to walk towards Vuosaari hill where the bird was seen. During my walk I had Male Black Redstart near the parking lot, but it disappeared before I got my camera ready.. So I walked to the main scoping place and there Ilpo Mutikainen and another guy told me that bird was seen flying and then landing somewhere. I waited and Ville Supponen came little bit after me. It took about half a minute and Ville found the Harrier flying near us. I took several pictures, but most of them are real crap.. Focusing a bird with back round of woods made it very hard. Here is few photos of the bird.

Pallid Harrier.

Pallid Harrier.

Pallid Harrier.

Pallid Harrier.

So, the bird is second year female. Feel free to comment if I´m wrong.
I texted to Tyron who lives in Vuosaari that when ever he has time, he should visit the hill and check the bird. Fortunately he was at home with hes daughter Ella and they both came to the hill and saw it.
Even bigger surprise was White Stork which passed the hill migrating East. I was looking at it and same time Tyron came with Ella and he saw the Stork too! Great birdwatching I´d say.
I also saw two Adders at the hill and few Goshawks. Migration was very slow and that´s why seeing a Stork was mega surprise.

Record shot of the White Stork.

Scenery from Hill.

Male Adder.

So, what a day. Some rarities and other quality birds in one day is quite a rare for me.
Tomorrow we will drive to Vääksy and visit Sanni´s mother. It is good for Vilma to see her grandmother and good for us to leave the city and calm down in a quiet place. Maybe some birding there too.
Thanks for the company Ilpo, Tyron, Ville, Leo, Tuula and others I met today.


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