14. toukokuuta 2014

300. 14.5.2014

This was normal day at the office when we noticed alarm of Little Bustard in Kirkkonummi earlier today!
In some point i forgot the whole bird and when i was going home, Jände called me and asked did i get a ride to twitch the bird. I did not so we decided to go together, even though Jände had seen the species in the past. Maybe in Espoo 1983 when it was last time in our home county.
Took only seconds to see the bird first time and there it was, my Finnish tick number 300. Everything was great, very rare bird, my uncle, Roni and Vilppu with me and nice warm evening.
300 is not really big number, but when i started do real birding in Finland it was year 2010 and after that i have seen most of my birds after that. (Last year 257 in Finland) At the moment i still have more birding days in Estonia than Finland.

Long distance shot, but there it was. Little Bustard.


My 300 smile and Vilppu, who had also lifer today! 

Thanks guys for company and congratulations! Next target 400 maybe in 10 years?


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  1. Onnittelut! Tällasella vähemmän bongaavalla on vielä matkaa... =)

  2. Kiitoksia :) Ei sultakaan varmaan paljon puutu.