19. toukokuuta 2014

Still waiting that one. 19.5.2014

Another morning with high hopes. We dropped Timo at the watching point and with Jände we checked all the fields near by. Without any great success we came back after two hours to pick up Timo who saw male Pallid Harrier while we were gone! Our best were few singing Blyth´s Reed Warblers..

Singing Yellowhammer.

Eurasian Curlew.

Beautiful Baltic Sea view in Toila.
Soon we continued our patient raptor watch and heat was rising like in Israel. After few hours we had some Honey Buzzard migration, lone Turtle Dove and few Golden Orioles.
All 24 Honey Buzzards went East. In some point i took photo of House Martin.

House Martin.

I guess we had enough empty sky and finally we packed our bags and left from the "raptor zone". Our next project is Booted Eagle which Margus Ellermaa saw today here in Pärnumaa county. So we drove across the country with some stops around the fields and other nice places.
Place called Moldova gave us Black Kite and few other raptors. In Ontika we saw our first Hobby of the trip and maybe the best bird today we saw at Kunda when 2cy Tundra Peregrine Falcon gave us decent views.
It was funny situation because first i noticed the falcon and it was so huge that i said something like "what is that? Maybe Harrier or something?" And then we make VERY quick stop. fortunately we got nice pics of the bird.

Tundra Peregine. 

And another picture.

Maybe worst picture of Black Kite ever. 

After the Peregrine suddenly all the birds disappeared and rain came so we had lots of time to drive here in Pärnu. Now sitting on our hotels terrace having some good white vine.
Let´s hope we are going to find that Booted Eagle tomorrow! Also Booted Warblers around so maybe one of those also tomorrow.


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