18. toukokuuta 2014

Day of high hopes. 18.5.2014

Today we woke up many rarities in our minds. Weather forecast was so good that there have to be some thing great!
We started from Vask-Narva to have some migration watch but there was not any wind and i guess that stopped the whole migration. Many good local birds around of course including about 35 Black Terns, lost of Little Gulls, Black-tailed Godwit, two Golden Orioles etc. We had great few hours there before we went back to have some rest before great raptor watch!

Black-tailed Godwit.

Little Gull with two Black Terns. 

Second calender year Little Gull.

Adult Little Gull.

It is nice to see how much this kind of water birds can be seen in Estonia. These species are sometimes quite hard to find in Finland, especially Black Tern.
After we had our nap, we continued to Laagna to have our magnificent raptor watch.
Like many times, you have maybe little bit too much expectations and soon you are facing frustration.
Okay i must say that we did not have any frustrations in our group, but it is quite hard to keep your mind in focus when you have maybe one buzzard every 25 minutes, and soon you noticed that you are always watching the same local bird :) Anyway we had nice time, laughing and making some plans to play pranks to our friends. After four hours we had lunch and then we continued about an hour and there is some numbers.

Lesser-spotted Eagle 2 local birds.
White-tailed Eagle 3
Marsh Harrier 6
Hen Harrier 1
Common Buzzard 10
Honey Buzzard 3
Sparrow Hawk 9
Kestrel 3

So not much in five hours... Other nice species were 11 Hawfinches, some White Storks and about 12 thousand local Barnacle Geese.

Some Geese and camera.

Female Linnet with nesting materials.

Male Marsh Harrier. 

After all this we checked some fields near by but nothing really special there.. Yesterdays Terek Sandpiper was also gone.
Nice day and i got maybe my best pics of Little Gulls ever. Forecast is looking red hot so maybe tomorrow is the day what we all have waited for a long time.


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