2. toukokuuta 2014

Kentish Plover in Espoo and other spring birds 1.5-2.5.2014

Yesterday i was going to have nice brunch with my friends and family when i noticed message in my phone.
"Kentish Plover in Espoo" very nice start i thought. Because my night shift i noticed this few hours late.
I was unable to cancel the brunch so i went there and actually had so good time that i forgot the bird first.
Then i checked our alarm system again and it was still present. I loaned my mothers car i drove to Espoo quite fast. Luckily bird stayed that evening and i got my Fin-tick number 299.
Here is two photos of the bird.

Phone scoping sucks. 

Kentish Plover.

Bird was quite far away so i had to use my phone trough telescope.

Only 84 records in Finland and not sure how many in Helsinki area, but anyway very rare bird.
Today i still had my mothers car so i went to Maari bird tower very early. It was super cold.. Little bit minus degrees but birds showed well. Lost of waders including 8 Spotted Redshanks, Temminck´s Stint, lost of Wood Sandpipers, Ringed and Little Ringed Plovers, few Greenshanks and Whimbrel.
Best bird was anyway female Citrine Wagtail.

Common Crane.

Maari meadow.

After Maari i went to Suomenoja. Same birds every year but i guess it is nice to make even one visit every spring. Lots of Slavonian Grebes, Pochards etc. Golden Eyes had already some chicks.

When i came even the Mute Swans bowed to me. 

Common Pochard.

Slavonian Grebe.


Golden Eye chicks.

White Wagtail.

Nice day, lost of sun, cold, but fun. Accidentally rhyme there.
Next week i will try to go somewhere. Have a nice weekend everybody and i wish good sightings to all of you.


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