17. toukokuuta 2014

Eastern Estonia again 17.5.2014

So, im back here in Eastern Estonia. We drove around the Ida-Virumaa county hoping to have some good rarities. Also new city for me when we visited in Narva-jõesuu, which is "famous" spa-city near Russian border. Along driving we saw about thousand Black-headed Gulls in one field!
Black-headed Gulls.

 Raptors were gone but Barnacle Geese still here in big numbers. We counted about 35000 individuals! Later today we were driving along some random road along the coastline and we met Margus Ellermaa and Indrek Tammekänd. Guys told us that they saw Terek Sandpiper only 500m before they met us! Quick chat with the guys and then we left towards the place where they saw the bird.

Terek Sandpiper was in that little pool! 

Distant record shot of the Sandpiper. 

What a way to start this trip! This Terek Sandpiper was my Estonian tick number 280, so it´s getting harder every time, but i have been very lucky recently.
Quite soon we continued and it took only minutes when Jände stopped the car and yelled something about some bird landing in the field very near. We came out of the car and awesome Short-eared Owl jumped in the air! Great bird indeed!

Hi there, it said! 

Later we found nice flock of Barnacle Geese near by and i got some nice flock pictures of those.

Barnacle Geese. 

What a nice day we had.
Tomorrow the weather should be better for raptors. After morning we are going to take some good position and i hope we are going to see some good migration or some real rarities!
Timo just came back to our room and he heard River Warbler outside! I guess i have to go out now.

Almost forgot. This fellow is living in our Hotels backyard. Sleepy cat.

Sleepy cat.


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