22. toukokuuta 2014

Finally rest of our Estonian trip. 20.5.2014

So we were in Pärnu and our target species was Booted Eagle. Little late woke up and after morning rituals and breakfast we drove to the place were bird was last seen. Old wisdom says "When you twitch, look the place where bird was last seen" and that we did. Area was huge and there was lots of good looking area where this kind of bird could easily hunt or do something else. In three hours what we spend there we did not saw the Eagle but lots of other kind of good stuff. White-backed Woodpecker was nice with five Golden Orioles. Wood Lark and Stock Dove were singing and Red-backed Shrikes had their own territories around.

Starling is beautiful bird. 

Common Crane couple.

Wood Lark.
Little difficult light but male Marsh Harrier showed nicely. 

Finally we decided to quit and we went to Kabli Bird Observatory to have some sea/raptor watch. Not much birds around but Hoopoe, Whooper Swan flock with lone Tundra Swan migrating or just moving, Great-white Egret went South and so on.

Great-white Egret.

After Kabli we dove to Audru and like week a go there was lots of birds. Four Marsh Sandpipers, three Black Terns, one White-winged Tern, two Greater White-fronted Geese and lots of Ducks.
Later we started our drive to Tallinn and back home. Along the ride there was very few birds.

Marsh Sandpiper, Audru. 

Thanks Jände and Timo again. Very nice trip with you guys. Tomorrow i will go to Pori and trying to find some rarities with Petteri during the weekend.


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