1. helmikuuta 2017

Annual Hanko meeting and birds. 28.1-29.1-2017

Before Hanko trip I had only few records worth to mention. I had long walk with Vilma on 23th and we had White-backed Woodpecker, Sparrow Hawk and Crested Tit that day.

On 28th I started very early from home and after picking Markus Lampinen and Antti Peuna we drove to Hanko. We are all members of the Finnish Twitching Society board and we had our annual meeting that weekend.
The meeting started at noon, so we had few hours for birds before that. First stop was in Svanvik, but because of the fog, we had only Goldeneyes, few Mute Swans and Goosanders.

Svanvik from the tower.
Markus and the sign "Good birdwatching site" Well, not today.

Our next stop was in Vedagrundet and there we had little bit more birds. Whooper Swans were new to my yearlist, and two migrating Black-headed Gulls were too. Some local White-tailed Eagles, lots of Goldeneyes, Mallards etc. And the FOG....

Distant White-tailed Eagle.

Because it was raining a bit and fog made sea watch impossible, we decided to check some feeders from Hanko City. First stop was very good and we got four Woodpigeons, some Chaffinches, Greenfinches, Siskins and lots of Tits.

Misty Hanko.

Four Woodpigeons in same tree. Photo taken by my phone.

Woodpigeon was new to my yearlist!
Last place we visited before th meeting was Varisniemi. Some winters a go we had Woodlark there, but this time it gave us "only" two Greater Scaups! Nice birds.


So the meeting started at noon and after nice meal we started to make some decisions.
We had great time and at some point we went to Sauna and continued after that.
It was quite late already when Petteri, our chairman ended the meeting.
Nest morning I woke up before 9am and after breakfast I took Markus and Antti and together we went to Vedagrundet where Jari and other had Rock Pipit.
It took a while but Antti found the bird again close to us and we all saw it very well. Very good winter species in Finland. Two Velvet Scoters are worth to mention from there.

Bad photo of the Rock Pipit. 

Our last place in Hanko was Kobben. THere we had nice flock of 29 Greater Scoups and lone Smew. Very nice!

Greater Scaups and Tufted Ducks.

In early afternoon we were back in Helsinki and I dropped guys back home. I still had soem hours drive ahead because I promised to Sanni that I can pick her and Vilma from Vääksy after my Hanko trip. I was in Pornainen area when Common Buzzard crossed the road and I got my last year tick of the trip.

Great weekend with great people. Good decisions too!
More stuff coming soon.


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