10. helmikuuta 2017

Nuthatch twitching. 10.2.2017

So, I posted my last post at noon yesterday and didn´t know that still have possibility to go out again that same day.
I picked Sanni from school and all together we went to Munkkiniemi to see if the Nuthatch which was there about a month ago, would still miraculously be in the same place.
Well, it was not. We spend about 45minutes in the area, but all we saw was Waxwings, Great-spotted Woodpeckers, Fieldfares, Redpolls and other common stuff.
The visit was not a waste of time, mostly because I had change to spend time with my whole family, but also Waxwings gave me a good set of pics. Birds were very tame and when they eat, they don´t give a rat´s arse what you are doing.

Rotten apples are good stuff for Waxwings!

Such a beautiful bird.

Bohemian Waxwing.


At this point my old camera begins to clot.

Anyway we had great time and place was really worth to visit.

Today we started at 9am with Vilma and our target was old manor park in Espoo. Place hold a pair of Nuthatches and both birds uses feeders near the manor house.
Because it was my first visit in the area I had little troubles to find the right places, but luckily I had Kari Haataja´s number and I called to him to ask some details. Kari told the places and I went there. First place was almost empty, just few Treecreepers, Bullfinch and Tits. At the second feeder we were luckier and bird was there. Shame that it showed only few seconds and disappeared after that like all the the other birds in that place... Anyway I was super happy. This was my target and new stroller tick of course.
At the same place I had also Black Woodpecker and some Great-spotteds too. We walked between both feeder and just before we left I heard Nuthatch call on above the first feeder! After that I let Vilma watch some Mallards swimming in the stream and then we left.


Black Woodpecker. Very hard place to photo behind the branches. Female bird! 

Beautiful light in the park. Lots of old trees makes this place perfect for Nuthatch. 

Beautiful place where I should visit again some day. No wonder why these birds are breeding there.
Thank you Kari for the details, that was big help!
Later today we had nice evening walk with Sanni and Vilma. We walked around the Maunulanpuro where we had one Dipper and near the Maunula cemetery we heard Tawny Owl Calling! Nice year tick, though I knew that there is some around the area.


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